Interesting Nokia pages

Gnokii project (software for Unix with source and informations, how to communicate with phone)

GSM cables (Information about Nokia data cables. You can buy cable and see their schematics)

German data cable site (Sell nokia data cables in german, and Nokia software download)

Killian's page (Nokia links)

Light Sabre project (programs for Nokia 6xxx and Windows CE computers)

Nokia 5110 Unofficial Site (very good !)

Nokia Wildies (some interesting software)

The Nokia page (information for some more advanced users)


Official Nokia pages


Nokia Club

Nokia Wireless Data Forum (official information and support for Nokia products like Nokia Cellular Data Suite)


Some logo related sites

Group and Operator Logo Uploader (very small program for DOS, Nokia 6xxx and IrDA connection)

Kessler's Smart Software (another Group and Operator Logo Uploader, logos to download)

LogoNET (world of ready logos)