Unlocking LogoWizard


LogoWizard is a shareware application which is distributed freely for use on your pc. The only problem is that a message appears on the screen ("Hi!") each time an image is uploaded to the phone, or sent via SMS to another phone. Also, though ringtones can be created and played back, they cant be uploaded to the phone or sent to another phone in the unregistered version.

To fully benefit from LogoWizard and enable all of its features requires registration, which is simply buying a license liberation key that can be purchased for the small amount of 12 ($18 or 20 Euros). This cost has been kept low to enable as many users as possible to benefit from using LogoWizard.

To unlock LogoWizard, click on the 'Register' selection under the 'Help' menu and the following screen should appear:

Fill in the entries you have been given with your license purchase.

Obtaining a license is easy. Simply go to the official LogoWizard site:


Enquiries can also be made by sending an email to:


Payment can be made offline for UK resident users who prefer to pay by cheque or postal order.