LogoWizard can be used to create and edit ringtones. The Ringtone Manager is accessed by clicking the tones button which appears in the File menu box. This brings up the following window:

Ringtones are created and edited in the standard RTTL format. Saved RTTL files are text files (*.txt) with the ringtone data stored within. To open an existing ringtone file simply look for the text files (the default location is 'c:\MyRingtones'). There is a ready collection of ringtones which come with LogoWizard and they can be found in this folder.

To edit the notes which make up your note simply alter the box in the middle of the screen containing these notes. The altered data can be written back to the file by clicking on the 'Write' button or re-read from the file by clicking the 'Read' button.

You can preview your work in one one 3 ways

Completed work can be uploaded to your phone by clicking on the 'Upload' button. Many phones have multiple locations where you can save your ringtone so you will have to set the value of your desired location.

Ringtones can also be sent to other mobile phones via SMS. Simply specify the number of the phone which you wish to send it to and click on 'Send SMS'.