LogoWizard: Create your own Nokia logos and ringtones

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Unique features

  • Create your own exciting logos
  • Create and send new ringtones, and play them back on your pc or phone
  • Change the network Operator logo
  • Change the Caller Group icons which appear when different people call you
  • Create your own Picture Message logos
  • Change your phones Startup logo
  • Capture, or take 'snapshots', of images on your pc
  • Change the phones Welcome message once its switched on
  • Send your logos and ringtones to friends
  • Create and send text messages
  • Benefit from the tens of thousands of ringtones and logos which appear all over the Web and literally spend hours using this interesting tool.
  • Fast and compact size of less than half a megabyte!
LogoWizard small image
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Spice up your Nokia phone!

  • Want to create new and cool images?
  • Need to have a the latest ringtone melodies?

    Then get a copy of LogoWizard and enjoy the experience today!


Download and order LogoWizard now!

A few words from our customers.

Thanks for making this wonderful product available! I've had hours of fun using it.

Richard Towdon    

Superb software! I found the Ringtone Manager a great laugh. I dont know anything about music but by using this tool I was able to create my own tunes.

Susan Richter    

Well done guys, this program is good and easy to use and cheap too. I've made my own ringtones and logos in just minutes and sent them to my friends who were well impressed.

James Malden

...good value for money. I look forward to any other software you people make...

Khali Kamarlly 


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